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ZeroInfinity94 20-07-18 10:31 AM

Major Problem......
The list of things that have gone wrong has just gotten longer....

This blueish green crap has appeared in my loop and then there's the odd floater in my res which likes to spilt up then reform at the top.

So am at a loss, I think it may be some kind of growth but it looks like a copper oxide from the colour.
I cleaned out the rad with a dilute vinegar solution then flushed it out with De-ionised water, the rad and tubing is brand new, pump/res, fittings and block are reused.
Block was washed out with elbow grease and hot water then rinsed off with de-ionised water but didn't clean the fittings or rinse the tubing out.

Rad - Black Ice Nemesis LX360
Pump - Laing DDC
Res - Aquacomputer aqualis
Coolant - EK Cryofuel Acid Green

Anyone have any ideas whats happening here?

Korreborg 20-07-18 11:57 AM

For how long has it been running? It looks like soap.

ZeroInfinity94 20-07-18 12:41 PM

It's been going for about a week now, when filling the loop I noticed a lot of foam while cycling the pump but put it down to air being sucked up while filling.

Warchild 20-07-18 12:50 PM

HAve you recently replaced the coolant with this new green one? might be reacting with the previous one.

ZeroInfinity94 20-07-18 12:58 PM

Nope coolant was the same, only change in the loop was the radiator.

Senzelian 20-07-18 07:25 PM

I don't know what is going on there, but have you flushed the radiator before installing it?

Even if you have, you might wanna try Mayhem's Blitz kit.

Paul from Paul's Hardware recently used it to flush his system. I think it's worth a shot, but it takes quite a while to flush clean the entire system.

ZeroInfinity94 20-07-18 07:57 PM

Yup, cleaned with a dilute vinegar solution twice then with de-ionised water 5 times.

The plan now will be dissemble, throw away fittings and tubing, replace them, blitz kit cleaning then reassemble.

Kei 20-07-18 08:25 PM

No point in scrapping the fittings as they are just brass and won’t have caused this issue. It looks a lot like a precipitate has formed which would be from something incompatible with the coolant being present in the loop. It is more than likely copper based considering the colour though that could be down to the dye in the fluid.

ZeroInfinity94 20-07-18 08:48 PM

Was planning on going with 19/13mm tubing anyway so this is a good excuse for me to do it and explain it to the Mrs :').
The blitz kit seems to be my best course of action right now, clean the rad again with it then use the second part to flush everything out.

RobM 22-07-18 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by ZeroInfinity94 (Post 983601)
Nope coolant was the same, only change in the loop was the radiator.

If the rad is the only change than it has to be the rad, either that or the fluid has somehow been contaminated

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