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scubasteve 29-08-20 08:27 PM

Humble Abode Spruce Up
I did not have the chance to get in and fix up the room since i moved in about 10 year ago

First had to to get everything out the room since the floor had to be sanded as well
trusting others to handle all your stuff really gets my anxiety levels up lol


the walls are a right state i can probably tell you there was a good thick layer of nicotine covering them



Floors and walls done


mostly everything been put back


few posters and canvases


A good mate from uk always buys the collectors edition of games for his ps ,since the ''government'' in his home wont let his display them :D(only cos his flat is really small and truly has no room) he send them to me that why i got - ghost of tushima mask-karatos and the far cry guy up,
framed the tushima map and got that with the mask ,had the god of war canvas for a good while now so that dropped with the collectable statue and added my nepalese kukri next to the far cry statue


close up


my attempt at a panoramic

have to find places to hang or place other posters and paintings i have just laying about


since quit smoking it should not turn yellow anytime,that back wall needed easy 6 coats to stay white it was that yellow/filthy

feels like a whole different room now, like its got bigger

soon when i save up some more spondoules i am going to try slowly set up the caselabs i got sitting in the other room gathering dust

hmmblah 29-08-20 11:49 PM

What a difference! Looks so much better now.

yassarikhan786 01-09-20 10:08 AM

Looks really good. What case are you rocking?

AlienALX 01-09-20 02:53 PM

Another Leon fan I see !

scubasteve 01-09-20 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by yassarikhan786 (Post 1024964)
Looks really good. What case are you rocking?

ya the Lian Li PC-T70 Test Bench , perfect for steaming weather were i am just take top of and its fully open - buuuuuuut dust is the down side

scubasteve 01-09-20 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 1024978)
Another Leon fan I see !


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