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imersa 25-07-15 02:39 PM

---'Parvum SHEEDY'---

Hi everyone! Once again we are here to bring you another cheeky Parvum project before Insomnia, don't worry though all the others are still progressing nicely. This build is for one of our friends Sheedy. A lightly modified VEER1.0 will be used to house this powerful yet compact LAN rig with overkill water cooling kit. The colour scheme will be a neutral white and frosted finish with grey and black accents.

Case | Custom Parvum VEER1.0
CPU | Intel i7-4770k
Motherboard | ASUS Maximus VII Impact
RAM | Corsair Vengeance 1600C9 2x4GB
SSD | Kingston 240GB M.2
PSU | Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G

Fans | Parvum F1.0
Radiators | XSPC AX
Blocks | EKWB Nickel/Plexi
Fittings | EKWB 10/12 HDC Nickel
Rotaries | EKWB CSQ Nickel
Pumps | EKWB DDC + EKWB Heatsink

Thanks to our sponsors ASUS, EKWB and Silverstone, as well as fellow modders B_NEGATIVE and JR23 who have been helping out to keep everything moving along.


Straight in with some custom work from B_NEGATIVE on the Silverstone PSU, painting and branding the PSU to fit the theme and of course adding a Parvum F1.0 on reassembly. As both sides of the build will be on show it was important that the PSU remained aesthetically in-keeping, thanks to B_NEG it certainly is.



Just a few of the many fittings and radiators we managed to squeeze into the VEER1.0.



All the directions were roughly planned out by placing the components in a standard case. The finished article will now be built up around them so all the ports and components are placed exactly where they need to be.


What else but the mighty Impact kitted out with an M.2 SSD and much EKWB goodness.



Much more to come on this one, including some custom Parvum watercooling parts and many many fittings to make up for the sparse use of them so far. ;)

Davva2004 25-07-15 04:10 PM


Permafrost 25-07-15 05:32 PM

also subbed

imersa 25-07-15 05:51 PM

Thanks for subbing! Finished all the braiding today so we should have some updates soon.

JonU 01-08-15 08:35 PM

I was going to see if you might want my Bitspower waterblock that covers the mobo and CPU, but it looks like you already have it taken care of. That and EKWB is sponsoring the build.

imersa 02-08-15 08:50 PM


Things are moving along nicely with Parvum Sheedy after a few difficulties with acrylic and o-ring tolerances, it's now looking promising for the custom reservoir and pass through plates. Especially as we now have some 2mm o-ring cord that is actually bigger than 1.7mm :D




This plate will form the floor of the case linking the front and back parts of the loop, lighting the build and mounting the two DDC's.





In addition to the floor pass-through we have also fabricated a custom reservoir roof panel for the VEER flanking the top radiator with coolant.





Much more testing and fitting to come over the next week or two. Sorry this update was a little short on words, things are getting seriously busy as most of the projects are drawing toward an end. Feel free to ask questions about the build and i'll do my best to get back to you all.

Dark NighT 02-08-15 08:58 PM

This looks amazing! Following the build with great anticipation.

MrKambo 02-08-15 09:07 PM

JR was right, if done correctly the memory block looks good......


WillSK 02-08-15 10:22 PM

Oooohh this is gonna be good. Consider me subbed!

JR23 09-08-15 10:47 AM

After a 12 hour day of pure progress on this I think there should be an update along very soon, definitely one for the white freaks among you to look out for. It's looking epic ;)


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