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Ozydious 27-07-12 05:17 AM

Keep my two 32s or swap to IPS?
I've only recently heard about these IPS screens (I am aware that they are fairly new, but I've only really heard about them this week), and seeing as I'm probably going to go through with a new build, I thought I'd look at screens too.

Currently I have two 32 inch TVs running off of my 5770, my new rig will most likely have a 7850 running it - The two TVs are different (one is a toshiba 32bv701b and the other is an LG32LH3010 if anyone is really that interested) Both are 1080p and one is running through HDMI whilst the other is going through my DVI port. I've been thinking of selling these screens to offset the cost of my new rig, but I'd like to maintain a dual screen set up. My mate (jamesriley94) just got an iiyama X2377HDS ProLite 23 and it performs amazingly well. The quality is quite impressive. But the cost compared to some of the cheaper LED (non IPS) screens is quite high...

Should I keep my current screens and deal with the hit to my wallet, should I sell them and get two of the same screens that my friend has, or should I get two cheaper non IPS LED screens? Or should I just get one screen now and one screen later?

A lot of questions, I know... thanks again for your advice and patience, I know I'm a noob, thanks for bearing with me :D


yassarikhan786 27-07-12 11:51 AM

Hi Oz, IPS monitors are not new by any means. They have been out for a while now, but relatively speaking they are quite new.

IPS panels are really amazing so my suggestion would be to sell off the T.Vs and purchase two of the monitors James has. Cost wise they are more than worth it as the difference in quality when comparing to TN panels is quite significant imo.

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