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Remmy 12-09-13 11:49 AM

Driver issues on BF3

I've recently got BF3 working, and now sometimes I can play for hours on end with no problem, but other times it crashes as soon as I load up several times in a row.

The error it states is the GPU driver, so I tried running with SLI on, and off, and it still happened, so then I rolled back the GPU drivers, and again tried with SLI on and off, but I'm still getting crashes.

It's only ever in BF3, no other game, and it's especially annoying because often when it crashes I can't do anything like ctrl+shift+esc, alt+F4, ctrl+alt+dlt, or anything, I just have to turn off the PC with the power switch.

CrazyRussian 16-09-13 02:48 PM

Turn SLI off.
don't know how many monitors you have , but disconnect them all , and connect the main monitor to the other card (not the card it was connected to).

might be one of the cards faulty.

Remmy 16-09-13 03:15 PM

I've already tried SLI both on and off, but okay, I'll try connecting the monitor to the other GPU. Does it matter that it's the bottom one in the SLI setup? They can't be changed around, they're watercooled

SuB 16-09-13 03:24 PM

you need to clear off your drivers, setup and install the cards in sli, and driver cleaner the lot off.

Restart from fresh, and install clean new drivers.

If you've just rolled back your drivers something will be screwy, windows NEVER works for this now.

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