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Warchild 14-08-20 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 1024261)
30. Seriously 30 for something that beautiful that could easily handle a nuclear strike.

I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ;)

AlienALX 14-08-20 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Warchild (Post 1024268)
I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ;)

Oh come on man that is one of the best looking cases ever made.

I have a hole in my setup.


That needs to be filled. There is no way to hide the cables, even trunked they look like doo.

Stu, I tried to PM you back but something my end is full.

It is a G4 Mirrored Drive Door (that is what they call it). The guy had two, I bought the better spec one though IDK why because it's all coming out. That said, I have a buddy using one for purpose he just bought and mine pees on his so I am sending him the guts.


Listen though, there are some HEAVY caveats.

1. It is BTX. So you literally need to completely reinvent the interior and it will take quite good modding skills.

2. You will likely have to desolder some caps or sockets from the mobo to get it to close, unless you go for the full gut like this guy and rebuild the interior.


I offered him 30 for mine and he took it (the guy on Ebay) but yeah, like I said this is big time modding and not for the faint hearted.

For me it doesn't matter at all because my rig will be headless. So I can pretty much shove the MB wherever I like and it won't matter. It will be a headless NAS, even though it has onboard. I can get around that by using this, though.


If you are handy with a Dremel and have a belt sander file etc? then I can run you through it. Just note it won't happen in a day though. Just retaining the locking mech and handle and hinge is a major operation.

Going back to what I bought? this, for 50.


I5 3470, 8gb RAM etc. No HDD but I couldn't give a flying. Reason I wanted that one was standard PSU (so I can throw in a 800w I have) and it has two PCIE full length slots for a RAID card etc.


AlienALX 14-08-20 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by hmmblah (Post 1024264)
Ooh, looking forward to see what you come up with. I assume you'll make a project log?


I've needed a new NAS since I bought my 5+ years ago. It was old then and it's even older now (SMB1, Windows 10 hates it, it's balls slow etc).

I considered buying a Synology, but for what a single bay one costs I have bought everything today. 100 all in for the complete guts etc.

Two weeks ago I had a nightmare with my NAS. I fired up my Alienware to send all of my music etc to the NAS and started it chugging along (it's 10mb to put it in perspective ! I hate it, but it does what I want it to and that is to serve music and movies to my entire flat, all 7 devices). Any way, I started the transfer up and after about an hour it died. No warning, no errors ETC.

I tried again, over and over and over. Kept crashing and the NAS was locking up.

It turned out that the music HDD in my NAS atm is 250gb. The drive over flowed, and every time I tried to access it it crashed the NAS. I tried to delete the stuff, but obviously it needs hard drive space for that so I can't. In the end I had to delete track by track and it took me all day just to get back to where I was FFS. So none of the music is off the Alienware, I have hardly anything to listen to now and I have to keep the Alienware where it is in my kitchen until I have done that.

It was time........

TalllPaul 27-08-20 10:20 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Got a GTX 1660 Super because my R9 390 went bust. Free sweets woo

Spiderz 27-08-20 05:40 PM

https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/...odel-2144l.jpg Bit of an odd choice to post here but needs must when face to face university gets moved onto Zoom and can't borrow one from work

looz 29-08-20 02:38 PM

Thought I'd make a boombox.
Amp and streamer/DAC hooked up. So this is what I bought: https://hifimediy.com/product/hifime...-tk2050-9-24v/ / https://hifimediy.com/product/up2str...eamer-mini-v3/

Not cost-efficient but made for an easy build.
13Ah gel battery - at five-ish kilograms it's not the lightest but should last a fair bit. :D
I'll be using these old home theatre rear speakers from a local firm. Not very bass heavy, but the sound is very pleasant in my opinion. Good definition, and sort of fills the space with reasonable volume.

AlienALX 02-09-20 04:38 PM

haha I caught a fish :D


Look how much I paid.


And what do I have sitting brand harry spankers in the box?


KingNosser 02-09-20 04:49 PM

Well gratz least you didn't over pay for it :)

I'm looking at a 3070 it'll do for what i need but still hoping amd can do good things, but weighing up the software side amd need to get that right, really unsure if they can or if they will announce info soon enough.

I am fully prepared for beans and sausages meals over the next month lol

AlienALX 02-09-20 05:06 PM

I don't trust the 3070. At all. No real performance metrics have been posted, and if it is just literally RT they are banging on about then I wouldn't want one any way.

The hilarity is I bought the block new, got sent the wrong bloody 2070 and it didn't fit. Like, I even checked the UPN code on the box and it totally wasn't the one I thought I had bought.

I did try a couple of pathetic attempts to sell the block of course, but never really tried very hard. Glad I didn't now ! because no 3070 with a block will cost no more than 475.

g0ggles1994 02-09-20 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 1025130)
haha I caught a fish :D


Look how much I paid.


And what do I have sitting brand harry spankers in the box?


You planning on putting that block on it, mate?
The power connectors look like they won't fit properly

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