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CRITICALThinker 05-08-19 04:33 AM

Looking at making a wooden mATX case
So I purchased a mATX LGA 2011 board and a e5- 2630v2 from Aliexpress for ~90 USD, and I want to make a somewhat portable and small enclosure for it. I currently have the motherboard tray from a socket 478 P4 HP computer for mounting, and a design for 1/2" plywood construction.

As for the chinese 2011 motherboard, I think i'll make a review post at some point once I finish the system. That being said I will note I was unable to mod the bios to unlock the memory timing controls so that will stay at 1600 CAS 29 unfortunately (so much for the rated 1866 CAS 10)


If you see any suggestions of changes I can make let me know. The PCI cutouts are missing because (s)Ketchup has a couple of bugs with hollow shapes and the order in which they are drawn. My intent is to have the rear I/O being the top of the case such that there is no need for front I/O save whatever I feel like adding to the side. the dimensions are ~ 7x13x14 inches on the inside (21 liters) and ~25 liters on the outside)

Small EDIT: will likely be swapping which sides get the full edges for construction reasons

I also plan to mount an arctic alpine 7 PWM using some 3d printed mounts when I get back to school, however a 212 EVO only adds ~ an inch to the width considering the width of the power supply. I know I could shorten the case height by a bit, but I want to leave it open to future expansion above the GTX 950 I currently have for it (probably an RX 580 so I can use it for VR if I can find one that isn't stupidly priced)

Warchild 05-08-19 08:54 AM

My suggestion would be to use a metal chassis and create a wooden shroud. It will help hide the hideous cables that will be visible at the top due to your orientation. Also allows you have have a mobo tray and mounts for the GPUs to attach to etc.

There are quite a few nice wooden builds circulating the internet now so check those out for ideas and inspiration.

CRITICALThinker 05-08-19 05:52 PM

I'm using wood since it is an easy material to work with and I have it on hand, however it would be nice to not have to cut out the holes and mounting for GPU's and I/O shield. As for aesthetics I'm not too worried about that, it is intended to be a LAN party box as well as a secondary PC.

Another good thing about the material is there is no shortage of zip tie mount locations.

Update, took into account some suggestions for airflow from another post, redesigned it to be under 24 liters external. no idea what to use for the side panel

CRITICALThinker 11-08-19 06:13 AM

Bit of an update, I am in the process of building this, summary of progress here

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