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barnsley 16-01-14 08:13 PM

A Discussion about Thermaltake
So with Thermaltake being the most hated brand on the forum, lets discuss why.

I'll start by saying I've used thermaltake in a friend's build (he only wanted the level 10gt). Its shocking how much it cost compared to how cheap it felt. While I'll admit it had some interesting features it really was far too plastic-y and cheap feeling for the price. The case was recently changed to an Inwin Grone. While inwin isn't the first word in quality it certainly felt a bit more premium. I wasn't impressed. To be fair to them, their urban series looks alright.

I know people who've used their water coolers and had them fail.

SeekaX 16-01-14 08:20 PM

there is no god.

QuietOne 16-01-14 08:33 PM

I've never used them and I'll make sure I never do or ask you guys first.

UkGouki 16-01-14 08:34 PM

the newer thermaltake stuff really does look cheap and nasty my old armor + full tower was a god aweful heavy peice of metal that i modded with a full window and internal case spray no longer have it but it wasnt that bad a case tbh. oh and i still have a 750w thermaltake gold psu it out lived my silverstone and one of my corsair psu's i actually use it to test things there psu's i would say are good there case's are terrible though...

Snortan 16-01-14 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by SeekaX (Post 719888)


yassarikhan786 16-01-14 08:52 PM

I haven't used a single Thermaltake product. I've never been fond of their stuff and I don't think I ever will be, given their terrible rep.

Dicehunter 16-01-14 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by SeekaX (Post 719888)


Zoot 16-01-14 09:54 PM

I had the Thermaltake Big Typhoon 120 VX CPU cooler in a rig I built almost 5 years ago, which I later sold.

I remember it keeping temperatures in check when I had my Q9450 overclocked to 3.7GHz at the time. That's my last encounter with Thermaltake, so I can't really complain. :p

Remmy 16-01-14 09:58 PM

I just think the cases look cheap and tacky really, never used one of their products, but it's mainly the look of the cases that put me off.

paulstung 16-01-14 10:57 PM

The only product that tempted me, was the Level 10 BMW works version ( Think that was it's name ) It all went a bit Pete Tong when they put the final case into production.

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