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Nine Iron 29-01-19 11:19 PM

weird fan PWM fan behaviour
I've got a 1060 Mini whose cooler I am about to replace with an aftermarket one. The stock fan is PWM with a small connector and I've got an adapter to plug a normal PWM fan/s into it.

However, I've tried two different PWM fans via this adapter and the PWM control doesn't work; the speed is reported as ZERO in GPU-Z (the stock fan reports correctly). There is continuity on every wire of the adapter - I've checked with a multimeter.

Any ideas what could be going on?

tgrech 30-01-19 07:54 AM

Make sure everything is 4-pins, the GPU fan header should be a teeny tiny JIT 4-pin connector, the adapter should have 4 wires, as well as the fan you connect to it. Presumably you're testing this with a full sized fan? Is the fan at 100% speed constantly when connected? If you have an oscilloscope at hand maybe try reading the tachometer line? (A multimeter should give a basic indication if the values flick around)?

My GPU has an aftermarket cooler too, though it was a 2-pin model with no tach or PWM lines, controlled via voltage, have you checked your cooler will be a full 4 pin as well?.

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