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JoshVDS1 08-01-14 10:23 AM

BF4 on GTX 770 at 5760X1080
Just wondering if i can run BF4 at 5760X1080 with a 770 ro do i need to run in SLI? If so can someone plx exlpain how i can set this um in the settings? thanks

Excalabur50 08-01-14 11:30 AM

You will struggle playing on anything higher than low settings at that res with one card to properly do it you need a second card, as to how to set it up I cannot say as I run AMD and never done it with Nvidia, but don't worry someone else will let you know.

jamesriley94 08-01-14 12:15 PM

I used to run 5760x1080 on a single 670, and dropping settings down to medium meant my FPS never dropped below 60.

It's actually quite disorientating playing at 5760x1080, so I'd opt for a higher resolution screen rather than triple screens but it's up to you of course.

Setting the screens up on a single 770 is easy though - plug two in to the DVIs and the other one in HDMI, activate Nvidia surround and it should work fine.

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