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UkGouki 25-01-13 09:51 AM

My aria prize rig
hi all posting this just to make a start on my project log for my prize rig most parts of it will be coming from aria.

i will post pictures of it from start to finish once i get all the parts together im estimating approx 28 days from today hopefully will be complete :D

ok down to the nitty gritty :D

Case: will now be a bitfenix shinobi mid tower black usb 3 with window.

my wife is buying me this from special tech via amazon she chose it because it matches her wallpaper and floor rug :D

Motherboard: stock dependant at time of purchase from aria should be an msi z77 g45 full atx if no stock will be a gigabyte d3h or asus p8vz77-v lx

Cpu: core i5 3570k

Ram: again stock dependant but should either be corsair vengance blue or mushkin blackline frostbyte

Gpu: this is set in stone :D V3x3d black edition 7870LE

SSD: again set in stone samsung 840 120GB

HDD: Storage will be coming from my current rig 1x 1tb seagate and 1x 750gb samsung

Psu: from my current rig is a thermaltake 750w toughpower when i got this psu it was rated 80+ gold and it has never let me down.

i will eventually buy a new psu as i want a modular one i just wont have the funds after paying for a new case + ssd. so it will have to wait a few months but the psu ill be getting is a corsair hx650 :D

cpu cooler will be stock unless i can get a backplate for my true there sold out on amazon and frozencpu no longer stocks them and i cant even find it on ebay this is the part i will need Thermalright Socket 1156 Bolt-Thru-Kit Rev.B

so until my next post in here which will contain pictures im gonna leave this as it is thanks for reading :D

CPMFW 25-01-13 12:46 PM

looking forward to it :)

SnW 25-01-13 12:49 PM

Yea Me2 ..make sure you make loads op pictures :cool:

Greetings, Ray...

The Orange One 25-01-13 03:44 PM

Looking forward for the pics mate!

leathart123 25-01-13 05:30 PM

jealous of you, but wanna see the rig

UkGouki 28-01-13 12:56 PM

case ordered i have to allow upto 5 days for delivery so hopefully by the time the case is here aria will have emailed me my prize details etc :D

Recon-UK 28-01-13 12:59 PM

Can't wait to see some progress :)

Seems like some really nice parts!

Gamepro105 28-01-13 01:31 PM

Cant wait to see how it turns out keep us posted!

UkGouki 03-02-13 09:32 AM

news! my shinobi germany edition is out for delivery hopefully should have it tomorrow morning will post pics now just have to wait for aria to tell me my voucher is on my account etc.

then can get the rig up and running if my case gets here in the morning ill mount the psu and start working on cable management with an old mobo as a reference point :D

Excalabur50 03-02-13 09:58 AM

Sounds great should be nice when finished I quite like those shinobi cases

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