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!TIMMY! 15-06-07 11:00 AM

XFI Gamer & Medusa 5.1 - No Rear Right Sound!
Ok I have an XFI Xtreme Gamer sound card and Medusa 5.1 8790 Heatset, and I dont get any sound out of my rear right speaker! In the creative test it just doesnt play any sound, whereas in CS:S rear right sound is play quietly in the rear left speaker! But if I plug speakers straight into the sound card it works fine; therefore its the drivers and medusa amp having probs with each other. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have the lastest drivers for XP (Oct 06). Starting to think that I want my old Audigy 2 back that I sold :(

FarFarAway 15-06-07 11:03 AM

Sounds like one channel on the amp is screwed mate

Had the same with a Zalman amp I had

Cheap [email protected] tbh

!TIMMY! 15-06-07 11:05 AM

It worked fine with my Audigy 2 though, since I changed to an X-Fi Gamer it hasnt worked properly. Cant belive they havnt released an offical driver for xp since Oct 06!

Ham 15-06-07 11:43 AM

Tim does your normal speaker setup work straight from the card?

NOT using the pass through on the amp.

!TIMMY! 15-06-07 12:01 PM

yes it does.

!TIMMY! 16-06-07 01:36 AM

Ok i have seemed to fixed it by putting the front speaker cable into the rear in socket of the Medusa amp, and the rear speaker cable into the front in socket of the Medusa amp. My hi-fi speakers are still connected to the front out of the Medusa amp and act as front speakers. So just swapping over the 2 cables (so they are the wrong way round) has fixed my problem. How weird is that!

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