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cooperman 01-05-20 12:51 PM

B-450 MB+2600 will not overclock
I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H it has the newest bios update (out the box) but it will not allow me to change the multiplier for the ryzen 2600 or change ram speeds other than picking the xmp profile.
I have overclocked the cpu with ryzen master to 4.2Ghz @1.3v with no problems but, every time the computer has to be reset for something like updates the cpu will go back to stock values and i have to open back up ryzen master and load up my profile and thats just getting annoying.
Has anyone used this mobo before or had a problem like this before on Gigabyte board's?

cooperman 02-05-20 11:47 AM

Update i worked it out, it was gigabyte's crap bios for any value in the bios other than core multiplier or voltage you can just click on with the mouse or hover over it click enter to change values but to change the cpu you have to click the space bar before you can change the value? and of course Gigabyte fails to mention this anywhere in the bios...
So finally i now have the cpu clocked a 4.2ghz @ 1.3v.

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