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krel 17-03-19 09:34 AM

Displayport to hdmi
Ive recently bought a 4k tv and im still running a gtx 780 which can only output a full 4k signal over its display port output, due to various reasons a substantial upgrade is off the cards at the minute so im looking at an active displayport to hdmi adaptor or a displayport to hdmi cable. Will either of these introduce any latency to the image ? Im not playing any of the latest games neither so im hoping the 780 will manage 4k (half life 2 and the like)

tgrech 17-03-19 10:11 AM

No adapter will add any latency really, passive ones are essentially just cables with different connectors on each end, though you may need an active one in this case as I don't think Kepler had dual-mode support, could be wrong though.
If your TV supports 4:2:0 chroma subsampling then Kepler cards will work fine at 4K60 via HDMI 1.4 in that mode now though. Of course they also work fine out of the box at 4K30 with HDMI 1.4 too.

I used to game at 3200x1800p (multisync CRT) with a HD7870XT though and it could handle most games up until like 2013 fine at that res and most from before then, I remember playing Half Life 2 on Intel HD2000 graphics at max full res so I'm sure that one in particularl will be no issue.

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