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MrKambo 04-04-13 06:26 PM

EP3? isit standard?

TheySt0leMyName 04-04-13 06:34 PM

Yup EP3, It's got a few mods.
2.5" unsilenced b-pipe, Spoon N1 rep back box, ITG carbon induction kit and Evo 8 enkei wheels.
I've still got loads of stuff I want to do with it but I'm concentrating on getting my PC finished before I start with the car again.

MrKambo 04-04-13 06:35 PM

open headers on a vtec engine is the best thing ive ever heard!! do that!!

TheySt0leMyName 04-04-13 06:47 PM

Mine already sounds mental enough lol

MrKambo 04-04-13 06:59 PM

gotta love the second gear wheel spin lol the ITR used to do that!! good times

paulstung 04-04-13 07:03 PM

Blimey. I can make mine do that.:rolleyes:

Rich_ 04-04-13 07:38 PM

you kids and your civics.
The corniest thing i could find of my vehicle of choice

MrKambo 04-04-13 07:42 PM

oh you wanna play this game lol! ive got some footage for you, give me some time ;)

Josh Weston 05-04-13 02:11 AM

As soon as I get rid of my darn 'L' plates, me and the Fiesta are soooo gonna show you guys.

seumasbeathan 05-04-13 02:15 AM

Look forward to seeing it Josh :D

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