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Dawelio 22-12-20 10:31 PM

Chrome showing weird texts
Hello everone,

So I'm having a bit of an brain meltdown at the moment... I have ignored this issue for so long and just now for some odd reason started try to fix it. One of the main reasons I use Firefox is because the text isn't completely messed up on it like it is on Chrome.

The first picture below is from Chrome on my PC, which the issue lies.

And the next picture is from the same website, but on Firefox, on my iPhone, where the font and text is correct. You can see the difference in characters.

As you can see, the main texts on the website itself AND the cookies terms on the top, both have weird font issues.

I have tried Googling this issue so much several times and never really fixed it and just got so fed up with it that I just left it each time.

I have no idea if it's an Chrome in itself issue or an Windows issue. Since Firefox displays it correctly, however on Edge it's the same as in Chrome I just noticed.

Does anyone of you have any idea on what's causing this and how to fix it?...

Thank you,

g0ggles1994 23-12-20 01:11 AM

I think this is similar to something I had on a work PC a while back, what I found was turn off Hardware Acceleration and restart Chrome then the issue was sorted. Never worked out a reason why or anything beyond that though.

SuB 24-12-20 06:56 PM

It will be the in-browser translation playing up at a guess.

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