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The Orange One 09-04-13 03:26 PM

Looks good mate!

AciD_RaiN 09-04-13 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by The Orange One (Post 631866)
Looks good mate!

Thanks mate :) This build will take some time so I hope everyone is patient...

AverageNinja 09-04-13 07:01 PM

^^ I like slow builds, you can follow those longet :D

The Orange One 09-04-13 07:41 PM

Slow builds are the best to follow, like AverageNinja has said!

AciD_RaiN 09-04-13 11:30 PM

That's great to hear guys :) Hope you will enjoy the ride with me ;)

AciD_RaiN 27-05-13 03:05 PM

Sorry for the delay everyone but as you know, life is expensive and so is modding :) I ordered a 140mm Akasa Viper fan from highflow.nl for the back of the case and some crystal link fittings and tubes just to show to the plumber that's doing the loop with me what he's working with :)

I also ordered some case feet from mnpctech a few days ago and they should arrive very soon.

Here's the package from highflow

Testing the crystal link. I thought I'd never trust them but damn they are strong...

And finally the fan fitted in the back

I have to say though I would not recommend these fans unless you have a fan controller. They are very silent at 600 rpm but very very loud at 1600 rpm BUT the airflow is just amazing... I can imagine if you have a thick rad and these fans in push/pull, your temps would be awesome. I am gonna use the 120mm ones on the rads in this build :)

I hope there will be an update soon...

NeverBackDown 27-05-13 03:26 PM

Why not just use a 7v cable instead of 12v to drop the noise?:p

AciD_RaiN 27-05-13 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by NeverBackDown (Post 649015)
Why not just use a 7v cable instead of 12v to drop the noise?:p

Because I will be using a fan controller :) I want to be able to control the speed and when I go out I can start folding at full speed and speed up the fans for cooler temps ;)

paulstung 27-05-13 03:40 PM

looking good mate. I agree about the fans I've got 10 120mm on rads in push pull, and 1 140mm for a rear intake, They all run at 7v and I sit at around 25 idle and have never exceeded 54 under prime. When they were on 12v the noise was as if the rig was going to lift off, I just used a 7v molex dropper cable.

I did try a controller at first but they made an awful dull hum sound, at first it was only the one fan, and I swapped it out only for the rest to start making the same sound within about 20 mins.

SeekaX 27-05-13 05:33 PM

why did you paint a usb icon on your hand?

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