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jorotiji24 11-09-15 09:19 PM

Want to change my air cooler for water cooling!
hello guys im new here, i was wondering if you can help me decide whats better for my pc
recently i wanted to change my RAM and the cooler i have doesn't let me choose the ones i want, this is my actual configuration
MSI Z97 GD65<i5 4690k> 8Gb 2133 Gskill Ripjaws X >Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX970> Noctua NH-D14> EVGA supernova G2 750W> Intel 730 series SSD 240GB> seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD> Zalman H1
i was thinking to change to Gskill tridents, or Avexir blitz, so my cooler is too big, i want something that works the same as the Noctua i have or better performance, so what should i choose, here where i live all the options i have are Silverstone Tundra (120mm and 240mm), Enermax Liqumax (on both sizes) and the corsair H110i GTX, but if there are better options i can buy one on the US on newegg or amazon, something i can afford, or even the thermaltake pacific cooling system, but i don't want to put the radiator on the top cause the AHV system of the zalman H1, i was thinking on a 120 radiator to but it on the back so...
what should i choose?

Tolemac 11-09-15 09:25 PM

The Corsair H110i GTX I would say dude :)

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