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soulreaper 20-03-13 08:19 AM

soulreapers rig
Hey guys,

While I've been signed up for a while, i'm pretty new to these forums and would like to start becoming more of an active member, What better way to start by introducing you to my rig !! It's not perfect, And there's a whole lot of improvements yet to be made, but it's got some original and unique stuff I think you might find interesting. Let me know what you think, good or bad, improvements etc..

Full Specs;

Coolermaster Storm Scout v1 Case
Asrock Z77 Extreme4 1155 MB
i7 3770k CPU
OCZ 128GB Agility 4 SSD
Sapphire HD5970 Graphics card
Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe Sound card
8GB (2x4) Ballistix 1600MHz ram
Antec M88 900w PSU
4x Coolermaster 120mm Fans (2x Red LED, 2x UV reactive red)
1x Coolermaster 140mm Fan
Sata 5.25" Docking bay
Custom Homemade lighting kit, Case lights go any color with the remote, Can be dimmed, Fade in between colors, strobe, etc. (mostly on red)

23" Acer G235H 1080p LED monitor
23" Viewsonic 1080p LCD monitor

Custom Logitech G15 keyboard, Painted black, with full RGB color led strip installed, Color changeable from button on back of keyboard, can be dimmed, strobe, fade etc (mostly on red)
Logitech G5 Mouse
Logitech Z523 2.1 Speaker system
Turtle beach True 5.1 Modern Warfare Charlie headset (can't see this in pic, behind monitors)

Sony Vaio UX390N Modded Micro PC (Built in 3G card for wireless broadband, upgraded SSD, U7700 Dual core), docking bay, when docked, automatically displays on the right monitor, Can switch between extended i7 or vaio with button on the side of the monitor.
3 Port audio Switcher to switch Front L&R Audio between Z523 Speakers, Modern Warfare Charlie Headset & Full Wharfedale home entertainment system in the lounge.
DVI Splitter, that splits Monitor one to the lounge TV (50" Panasonic full hd Plasma) without any loss of speed for the two monitors going (Is wired through the wall into the HDMI of the TV)
Logitech MK250 Wireless keyboard set in lounge for accessing PC from lounge.

(Will probably post pics of lounge setup sometime)

Anyway here's the pics, excuse the ty photos, desk and other .










Future Plans;
More RAM!!
Better Graphics
A matching G235H screen (extremely hard to find for me)
A better, bigger desk
Aftermarket Cooler
A nicer computer chair (excluded from photos for a reason haha)

yassarikhan786 20-03-13 05:46 PM

Really nice setup dude :)

Not sure about the LED fans on the side panel though

soulreaper 21-03-13 07:23 AM

Thanks! :) Yes, me neither, they only really look good when the case is glowing red, Will replace them with some clear ones soon

Snortan 21-03-13 10:13 AM

Awesome setup!
Could you expand on the audio switcher? :D atm I just use a cable splitter between my headphones and speakers but it's kinda messy.

soulreaper 21-03-13 10:35 AM

Thanks dude ! Appreciate it. It is a stereo audio switcher, It has one input (from the PC to the the switcher) and 3 outputs, Pressing one of three buttons of the front switches from outputing the Front left and right channel to one of the 3 outputs. (With my 5.1 headphones I then have to switch my audio control panel to 5.1). Brand is digitech, Here it is on my local Auction site - http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics...-574058215.htm

Snortan 21-03-13 10:46 AM


Signex 22-03-13 12:02 AM

That rig looks epic, i almost bought the same case cause i didn't had enough money for the one i wanted.
But it worked out later.

Really cool gaming case for sure, almost jealous i didn't took it. :D

soulreaper 22-03-13 12:13 AM

Cheers, the handles make it handy as hell for taking it places, I don't know how I ever lived without them.. Didn't fit the 5970 straight away so had to cut a bit out of the hard drive / 5.25 bays ... ^.^ When I tidy up the inside i'll take a pic of the internals..

Nice rig yourself, I want to go water cooling... but water.. makes me nervous lol

Signex 22-03-13 12:15 AM

Don't worry, Corsair all in one coolers are very reliable.

It's the custom water cooling that can leak if it's not done properly.

I won't do that either haha, never done it so it's dangerous for me to do it myself.

soulreaper 22-03-13 02:52 AM

I have put it on my list for cooling options after reading some reviews looks great, definately want to get some aftermarket cooling asap so i can start ocing. Though even at stock clocks it runs soooooooooooo much better than my previous phenom II x6 ever did overclocked

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