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Old 23-10-20, 06:46 PM
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EA releases Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered Comparison Screenshots

Does Hot Pursuit's remaster look better?

Read more about Need for Speed Hot Pursuit's Remastered visuals.

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Old 24-10-20, 02:57 PM
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In my opinion, it does look better - but it’s not mindblowing.

Plus, how much of that will you actually be able to see and enjoy when you’re busy driving past/through it all in high speed? You’re more focused on the game at hand and driving the car.
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Old 26-10-20, 11:56 AM
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racing remakes just dont make sense to me. For that reason. You are focused on speed and everything is a blur.

A remake that switched linear to open world or added new ingame content is differnt, but a straight up graphical enhancement just doesnt work in my eyes. I'd rather play the old one and enjoy the crazy FPS
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