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Intel 4-Ways Core processors Due Out in Q3

Despite the launch of Intel Xeon DP 5100/5300 has stopped a further advance of AMD in 2-Way Server due to the excellent Core microarchitecture, Intel still hasn’t got any advantages in the 4-Way market; the old Netburst microarchitecture used in the current leads to a result that AMD Opteron remains as the first choice for enterprise. Yet, Intel has announced recently their new Core microarchitecture based 4-Way processors, codenamed Tigerton, will be ready and available in Q3.

The new Tigerton processors have two derivative—Xeon MP 7200 and 7300. Xeon MP 7300 is based on Quad-Core Tigerton-QC, a package of two native Dual-Core processors, and features 1066MHz FSB, VT, 64Bit, and DBS. This family includes: Xeon MP E7310 (1.6GHz/2MB x 2 L2), E7320 (2.13/2MB L2 x 2), E7330 (2.4GHz/3MB L2 x 2), E7340 (2.4GHz/4MB L2 x2), and X7350 (2.93GHz/4MB L2 x2). In spite of X7350, all the models in this family are at 80W TDP, while X7350 is at 130W. The prices are $856, $1177, $1391, $1980, and $2301 respectively.
More words and pictures here

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Old 17-04-07, 11:12 PM
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So they [retty much stole AMDs new idea? Naughty naughty.
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