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Old 03-12-18, 10:12 AM
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Valeroa's Anti-Temper Tech has been Cracked

Valeroa, a consumer-friendly alternative to Denuvo, has been cracked for the first time.

Read more about Valeroa's Anti-Temper tech being cracked.

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Old 03-12-18, 10:21 AM
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This stuff will always get cracked. Just a matter of time. The harder you say it is to break the more hackers will want to try there skills
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Old 03-12-18, 11:04 AM
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Instead of continuing the discussion in Quick News I will say what I was going to say here instead.

Instead of the little piggies trying to protect their money and etc I wish they would concentrate more on making the games. This year (I'm not into Westerns) has been the worst I can remember. Not one decent game I've actually wanted to play.

And the ones I did? sheesh. FO76 is a disaster. The other one? (Overkill TWD) is apparently not very good (50% reviews)* but my pal and I were so desperate for something to play that we bought it any way. Turns out that I can run the graphics at a whopping 1300x768. I had to start hacking around INI files to make the bloody thing work.

It's a joke.

*We've played two levels and are enjoying it tbh. I guess it shows that sometimes you gotta follow your gut and not the reviews. But technically? yeah, it's flawed pretty badly. The game launches and it goes straight into a cut scene without even letting you near the menu ffs.
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Old 03-12-18, 11:15 AM
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Yep, often whenever you want to make a piece of software "Copy protected", generally the assumption is you make it hard and long enough to retrieve the data in a readable/usable form that no one would consider it worth their time or effort to do so(A good rule is if the product costs significantly less than the value of the number of hours it'd take to crack it then it's Good Enough). With indie games of course the amount of time someone would invest in cracking it and the amount of people attempting it plummets compared to a AAA game. But my guess is someone found more value in cracking this for the sake of having cracked it than to actually access the game.
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Old 03-12-18, 01:13 PM
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Article says: "Valeroa and Denuvo are not DRM."

While anti-tamper is a component of Denuvo and something rest of its features hinges on, it has multiple components. One of which, according to their website is Application License Management: "Controls access and restricts usage of copyrighted works deployable on any application. Denuvo’s engine includes floating / single-use license management and online encryption toolkits."

If that isn't DRM I don't know what is.
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