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Old 14-05-18, 07:57 AM
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Intel officially reveals their Z390 motherboard chipset

Not much has changed since Z370.

Special Thanks to TheF34RChannel for the info.

Read more about Intel's newly revealed Z390 motherboard chipset.

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Old 14-05-18, 08:09 AM
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So it's the same exact socket as Z370 but the chipset enables more USB ports and even though it's the same socket Intel will lock out existing Z370 owners from dropping in the upcoming 8 core Coffee Lake CPU.

I hope I'm wrong and Intel take a page out of AMD's consumer friendly handbook.
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Old 14-05-18, 10:10 AM
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They did it for ivy. P67 and z68 I think. Remember putting a 3770 in a friend's P67 board. If they don't officially the board manufacturers might offer it.
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