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Old 29-11-17, 03:45 PM
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EA's CFO says Battlefront II avoided cosmetic microtransactions to stay lore friendly

"You probably don't want Darth Vader in pink"

Read more on EA's "inability" to use a cosmetics microtransactions system in Battlefront II.

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Old 29-11-17, 03:49 PM
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they cant be serious, wow
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Old 29-11-17, 04:00 PM
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We think the strategy of deeply engaging games, keeping the community together, and allowing people to play those games with new content coming via events over time is critical to the future of our business. We feel like we've nailed that in the sports games, and we'll continue to try and find the best model that works in the non-sports games.
Aka: "We make a lot of money from Fifa microtransactions, so we are going to force it into all our games since you are all just walking, talking wallets"

In a story mode that's faithful to the films changing cosmetics can go against the lore (to some extent) but in a multiplayer mode when you can have dozens of the same character fighting in a battle that just gets fought again and again it makes no bit of difference, stuff like that shouldn't even be considered canon anyway.

The joke of this is not that it has microtransactions, it's that they just added lootboxes (as everyone has said), and they made it ridiculously hard to unlock stuff. Acceptable in a F2P game, but in a full price game? lol.no.
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Old 29-11-17, 05:44 PM
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i feel like a cash cow to them. besides the argument to staying true without skins is bs. every hero character has had a diffrent outfit at some point in the movie's. so
2 lazy to do something right. at this point i couldnt care less about Electronic Asses.
i just feel sorry for dice.
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Old 29-11-17, 11:15 PM
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These corporate people must think people are morons.
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Old 30-11-17, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
These corporate people must think people are morons.
And they'd be right in many cases, EA just overstepped with newest Battlefront. Microtransactions earn game companies loads of money even if they're essentially selling air.
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