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Old 08-01-16, 11:53 AM
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Radeon Technologies Group Demos HDR at CES

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group has Demoed HDR (High Dynamic Range) on their GPUs at CES, showcasing the visual benefits and lack of a performance hit.

Read more on HDR on AMD GPUs.

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Old 08-01-16, 03:35 PM
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I believe there is a typo in the first paragraph regarding colors, you said 10bit displays show up to 16.7mil when in fact 10bit displays actually show up to 1.07billion, 32bit also supports far more colors than that(not sure the exact number though) and not 1.07million like you said not a big deal though

I'm really pumped for HDR. It's a huge visual improvement at no cost to performance. You could really tell in the demo the big differences between on and off. If TN panels started to support this I think it would be worth getting a TN monitor over IPS for the higher refresh rate while still getting the great colors
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