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Old 29-10-11, 09:48 PM
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Hi All,

Today i got my Z68AP-D3 Mobo with i5 2500K and Kingston 1600 MHz 2x4GB XMP RAM.

Is it OK to set it to work on 18** MHz with this mobo and what are your recommended settings for this/timming voltage changes etc/?

I am not OC savvy soo please explain the changes you are offering.

My PSU is Seasonic X SS-MK 660

Thank you for your comments
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Old 29-10-11, 11:37 PM
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i'm not much of an overclocker when it comes to ram, but basically all you have to do is go into the bios and change the settings from 1600 to 1866 and see it its stable, if its not, go back and increase the volts, but not over 1.65 thats max. then try again, if that doesn't work either you need to start reducing ur timings, so also in the bios you just increase each one by one, so go from 9-9-9-24 to 10-9-9-24 if thats not stable go to 10-9-10-24 if not stable, 10-10-10-24 and then 10-10-10-27 or something , and keep going untill your system is stable.

also if you look somewhere on this forum, there was recently a post about memory stress testing so you can go there and read what you should do to test if your ram is stable at any new settings.

personally OC'ing the RAM is gonna take you a while if you aren't really good at it (like myself) so i wouldn't touch it because you are going to see SOO little difference in preformance. you might increase some benchmark by a few percent but you probably will not notice anything when just using ur computer.
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Old 30-10-11, 01:25 AM
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Mmm be warned in no uncertain terms from the horse's mouth my friend, messing with your timings is letting yourself in for woe of all woes if it goes wrong

Back up all critical data BEFORE proceeding.


Be sure to lower your CPU multiplier and FSB to stock in order to iron out overstressing the combined overclocks of everything to find purely the lowest latencies possible. Then from there begin balancing FSB with latencies until you have a stable mix that you're happy with. Then increase CPU multiplier until the system is unstable and take a half a multi back. Make sure you're happy with all voltages for 24/7 use (0.07> should not be taken lightly as regards DRAM) - check your CPU VDDA isn't inhibiting a higher stable CPU multiplier.

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