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Old 17-03-11, 10:13 PM
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Have been thinking about moving into water cooling as i have a spare £140 and saw the rasa 360 kit and how well it performs...

but the phantom, no space for a 360mm, no space for 240mm except the side panel and that would be awkward ...

have seen some 200mm radiators but would only be able to have one of them so was just going to ask is there anything basic im missing out, i think its the HAF X that you can have either 2x 200mm fans or 3x120mm just wondering if there is anything similiar i missed out.

thanks for reading, bye.

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Old 18-03-11, 08:27 AM
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If you wanted a 240 kit then I know that they do a 240 version of the one Tom reviewed.


As far as where your going to mount it then I'm not going to be of much help as I haven't ever had my hands on that case (honest ) and never done any water cooling but I have seen that some people mount rads for that case on the outside like so...


Best water cooling rig I've seen in that case though was here http://forum.overclock3d.net/index.p...33999-xsesive/

and done by one of our very own.

Hope this helps.
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