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Old 29-12-10, 01:13 AM
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Hey there guys.

I am about to start my journey into water cooling and will be putting my fully custom loop into an Corsair 800d.

Now my question to you is. where should I put radiators and pumps etc?

My thought so far are;

360 rad in the top.

drive bay res in the drive bays (DURH!!!)

blocks obviously where they should be.

and then a pump in the bottom section to the right of the PSU.

Also thought about possibly adding a 120 rad on the exhaust fan at the back.

So......any thought or recommendations about layout guys?

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Old 30-12-10, 03:34 PM
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This is what i would do if I could do it over.

Duel pump setup for the PMP450 and 450S


A duel 140 rad mod by LazyMan I did this and its not so tuff to do

I think Tom did a video on the air flow of the 800D, I found it. The 800D is a air flow nightmare so plan out your fans well.

Proving that you can still kick some ass on ATI Radeon 5870's

Asus P6X58D Premium/5870 Crossfire/i7920
12GB Crucial ballistix tracers 1600MHz/Ultra 1050 watt/
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Old 30-12-10, 05:48 PM
ChrisGT ChrisGT is offline
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What's your budget?

I'm not a fan of koolance at all. Almost dislike them as much as thermaltake but lets not go there lol.

I checked your other post. 570's get damn hot. And if you overclock the i7 and gpu that 360 rad might not be enough actualy probably wont be.

I mean if you get a thick 360 rad up there and aren't afraid to do a push pull with 3 fans outside the case then I could see it working.

But ya I like lazymans mod with the added 240 rad !

Here is Dazmodes watercooled 800D build. This is part 1 which shows how thick of a rad you can run with just a push configuration.

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