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Hi guys,

New here, can't believe I didn't discover this forum earlier! Anyway to my issues at the moment. I bought a Gainward GTX470 a few weeks ago thinking it would tide me over until next summer. However unfortunately mine pretty much has the chokes squealing when I run any application remotely 3D. Is this grounds for an RMA? I bought it from OverclockersUK and I've not had any RMA experience with them, though their tech department told me to send it in for testing. The noise is pretty annoying and audible over my case fans.

The other issue with the card is random frame drops during all games. I generally play with V-sync on otherwise I get screen tearing. When playing games I've noticed on fraps that intermittently my frames will drop from a solid 60 to 1-20 and gameplay becomes a jumpy sort of stuttering then returns to normal 10-15 seconds later. I had a fresh install of Windows 7 ultimate when I installed the card and all the drivers are up to date and temps are sub 70. So far I've not noticed regular timings between this, it seems random. Even though I'll likely RMA the card, if they don't see choke squeal as grounds for replacement, my worry was that they would not be able to recreate the fault unless someone plays games on it for an hour, also with the difference in system setup etc. Strangely I didn't notice this happen during a few runs of 3D Mark Vantage, though the tests there aren't that long and this issue only happens maybe 10 minutes into gameplay. Also I had my old 4890 in the same system, no hiccups.

Has anyone had experience in either of these issues, also with the second one is it the card, or something else?

Oh and a final point, they offered me a refund which I'll take if they deem the card faulty. I had no problems at all with my 4890 until it decided to overheat, my foray with Nvidia didn't turn out to well though. I am seeing the GTX570 as the best option all things considered at the moment, I've seen one for £259.99 on Dabs, though it is the Palit one, as they are all reference at the moment I assume there's no disadvantage to buying this one over say a more expensive Asus or Evga?

Thanks in advance.

i5-750 @ 3.0ghz

Corsair Dominator 1600

Asus P7P55 LX

Win 7 Ultimate

Powercool 750w PSU

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