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Old 24-08-10, 03:44 PM
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Hey guys,

I post alot on the evga fourms and though i should start posting here to.

I love to build pc`s and mod them. I am only 14 so i cant go build huge nice rigs

but i do have nice rigs that i build every year ! I am building a new pc and i have

posted a new build log for everyone to see.

I hope to have fun here and enjoy this great fourm. Thanks Guys

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Old 24-08-10, 03:52 PM
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Hey man welcome to OC3D

He and I should post more on the EVGA forums
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Old 24-08-10, 04:51 PM
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Hey dude, the link is broken! Get some pics up here so we can ogle them!
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Old 24-08-10, 05:02 PM
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Welcome fellarooney
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