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Old 18-04-10, 10:13 PM
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Please help :)

Hello All,

This is my second post and I apologise in advance if this is a basic question but I can't seem to find any reading material that clearly answers my question in terms I understand.

I have an AMD Phenom X3 720 BE, Asus Crosshair III motherboard, 4GB Corsair 1600MHz DDR3 configuration and I want to set my ram up correctly to run at 1600MHz.

I attemped this yesterday evening and achieved what I believe to be this speed via the BIOS manual settings by selecting target ram speed @ 1600MHz and adjusting the timings to 9-9-9-24. I ran CPUZ which confirmed I was running my ram at 802MHz (DDR so 1600MHz right?) I didn't adjust any voltages or anything else.

Because I wasn't 100% sure about what I was doing I reverted back to AUTO settings as I didn't want to damage my rig, had I done this correctly?

Would anyone be so kind as to help either point me in the direction of a muppets guide or provide me with some guidance as I really want to learn.

Thank you very much


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Old 18-04-10, 11:35 PM
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802 = 1604 with ddr

just manualy set the ram volts to what they should run at matey and you are set.
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Old 19-04-10, 05:13 PM
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Thank you very much Tom, I have now done this.

My ram is running at 802MHz in a 1:4 ratio, the board automatically configured the voltage, from what I can gather the board is running them at a lower voltage of 1.5v. I increased the voltage to 1.8v as listed on the modules however, the value changed to yellow and the LED on the board changed to amber to warn me? If the modules are running as they should now without issue do I need to increase the voltage or will this create instability?

PS: Am I effectively overclocking my RAM now or is this purely how they should be set?


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Old 19-04-10, 07:14 PM
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I have now corrected the MB, the voltage is now set to 1.77v without any warnings.

Thank you

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