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Different Between LG UH08LS10K and CH08LS10K

Hello there, I'm Looking for a good Bluray Disc player combo (DVDRW+-) with lightscribe support also, and i was looking some of them, but know I'm between the LG LG UH08LS10K and the LG CH08LS10K, somebody can help me to choose witch one is better and what the different advantage and disadvantage between both devices?

thks from now :hands:

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Old 15-11-09, 11:19 PM
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Had a quick look around.

What appears to be the only difference is that the UH has a more traditional looking front to it, and sports a white stripe.

Whilst the CH has a glossy black front to it to attract finger prints. Looks nice if u make sure no1 touches it

Specs ~appear~ to be the same. Prices in the US seem similar, although the CH is discounted so may have been $30 more for the smart front.

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