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Old 01-08-09, 01:44 PM
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Sense 28" lcd tb problem


ive had the lcd tv for over a year now warrentys gone and ive just started having a weird problem;

ok so i load the screen up which is connected to virgin media box/360/pc after about 2 mins the screen flicks black while making a weird clicking noise and the sound stays i then have to turn it on and off to get the picture to display again sometimes it will come back on and last all nite but then other times like this morning ive had to turn it on and off for like an hour just to get the picture back. when the pictures on and om watching tv or sumthing it seems fine no strange lines or ghosting or nothing but then all ov a sudden it will just flick off and then i have to restart and hope it comes bk.

atm all ive tryed is removing the back casing and checking for any loose wires or gooey capacitors but cant seem to find any i removed a metal housing case from the back left hand side where the weird click seems to come from when it flicks off and i left the back case off for like 4 hours and it didnt seem to do it then it lasted for like 12 hours so i figured it could be over heating or something so i left the metal casing off and put the back casing back on the screen this morning now ive woke up gone to put the screen on and its done it again i cant take it to any repair shop by me as they all want like 60£ just to look at it and i aint got that type ov money around me at the moment and tbh for that price its probly worth me getting a new screen so what im wondering is if anyone has had this problem or could point me in the right direction as to whats corsing it and maybe i could have a go at fixing or tweaking it to work for an extra few months or something cus ive only had this screen like 14 months and ive heared they should last like 3-4 years

the make ov the lcd tv is below:

28" Sense wide screen lcd tv

model - 51 -26

please please could someone get bk to me on this

ive posted on a few msg boards and had no replys so this is my last resort

thanks for the replys if i get any i reli do hop ei can fix this


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Old 01-08-09, 04:04 PM
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have a read of my thread..


my tv is a sense one but it has a samsung panel in which has just decided to do similar thing..mines around the same age.
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