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Old 21-12-08, 08:19 PM
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Okay, I am currently running OCCT to test my temps and stability of my OC, I am running a 425Mhz FSB which is as high as I can possibly get atm. My Ram is running at 851Mhz so until I get 1066MHz RAM I assume I have got the most out of my system that is possible.

Is that correct? Or can I get more without the upgraded RAM?

A screenshot of the tabs of CPU-Z is below:



P.S. I have Intel Speestep enabled I know everyone says this helps if you turn it off, but I have seen no real benefit? Can anyone explain?

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Old 22-12-08, 01:54 PM
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Only way you can get more, if you think the memory is the current bottle neck is to increase the volts to the memory, or increase the timings. Upping the volts could end up with you frying the memory, and upping the timings would slow things down a tad, but this could be offset by the increased MHz you gain.

Then again, increasing the timings to achieve a higher memory clock could speed things up even though the memory has slacker timings to achieve that speed.

I see you have a command rate of 2T though. You're taking a performance hit right there not having it on 1T. Have you tried it on 1T? Or did you change it to 2T to get the increased MHz?

I'd have a tweak with things.. Run SiSoft Sandra now - the memory tests - and see what results you get. Then change it to a CR of 1T - it probably wont boot, so lower the mem MHz until it does, then rerun Sandra again, with the best speed you an get using a CR of 1T.

I've found that having a CR of 2 allows me increase the memory speed, but the overall memory performance drops. With a CR of 1T I have to have a lower speed, but I get better results in Sandra on the memory tests.

Not saying this will be the case for you! Every system is different, you just have to try it, change it, bench it and see.
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Old 22-12-08, 01:58 PM
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That mobo like being over 1700mhz ? Or fsb over 425 ?

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Old 16-01-09, 11:08 PM
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RAM, FSB & Timings

With a processor based on a 65nm manufacturing process, you'll be able to get that E6320 CPU to run at 1800FSB (450 * 4) & ext clock of 2700Mhz (450 * 6), but you'll have to increase the voltage, which will override the thermal specification. Another thing, you can run your Corsair CM2X1024-6400 models up to 1.9v / 2.0V, then you'll be able reach significantly higher clock rates on that modules, but most DDR2 memory modules, like SuperTalent are able to reach voltages of 2.2V with lower latencies & higher clock rates, so don't worry about that. Also keep in mind that to increase the FSB over 1700, you should raise the South Bridge voltage in the BIOS by 0.1v. Since your E6320 is already close to 1800FSB & 2700Mhz, you won't really find a big difference in performance. The RAM modules you have are rated for 1.8V / 1.9V @ 800Mhz @ 5-5-5-18. With a voltage of 2.1, you'll easily get the latencies down to 4-4-4-14 or the clock up to 1000Mhz @ 5-5-5-15. RAM are one of the components that almost never fails, even if heavily overvolted, because they'll go into Treshold before they damage, just make sure they stay cool.
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