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CPU bandwidth or Memory bandwidth?

This is what I call a self fulfilling prophecy, but it helps to wrtie it down so you can drww the conclusions you need:

Okay after reading Kemnny's and Dizzy's OC thing it got me thinking a little.

FSB is king - biut is more important to have ram at warp speeds and cpu at high mhz but lower FSB so that you have a mighty memory multiplier?

I read a lot of 550-600mhz on a cpu - but ram has to be in 1:1, unless you pick up some golden samples of RAM and can run a 5:4 multiplier or even the FSB can be limited by teh ram itself.

Of course DDR3 me and Blindfitter were running 1:2 the ram was running twice as fast as the cpu, the results were very pleasing.

Truth is there is always a bottleneck somewhere - high cpu fsb usually equates to running ram 1:1 which hampers peformance.

I think on todays core2 cpu's the happy compromise for those who do not have golden sample ram is to have a 440-500mhz fsb on cpu and have the ram running quicker 580-600mhz on DDR2 or higher on DDR3.

The above explains why a higher CPU multiplier is always an advantage when trying to gain max cpu/ram performance.

Or have I got it totally wrong?

One of the things the really gets my goat is the lack of consistently good overclocking DDR2 RAM (1200mhz+ should be the norm by now) that prevent mere mortals from realising the potential of there cpu's - simply coz the ram can't peform, was teh same on DDR1 and DDR3 is the future for that very reason - to get consistnely higher FSB on the RAM you need a new technology.

How important will this all be with Barcelona? Will average Joe get more from his system than a core 2 owner simply because the RAM demands will be more achievable with of the shelf PC8500 ram?

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