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Old 18-08-07, 04:18 PM
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Test CPU FSB Wall

Was just wondering, if theres a way to test your CPUs FSB wall, that dosnt require an aftermarket heatsink?

Im building a few pcs for my brother myself and another mate, and they said i can have which ever cpu i want but only 1 of them getting a aftermarket cooler.

(im not getting one till next month, watercooling :P).

So basicly yea can i safely do it with stock cooling? =/, or is my only safe bet is to use that one aftermarket heatsink to test each one?

Or is it really not worth the effort and just use which ever one i install 1st time?

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Old 18-08-07, 05:35 PM
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Depends on what voltage your wanting too put though it.

about 1.45 should be ok for the stock cooler, maybe up to 1.5.

Stick the multi as low as it'll go (6) and the voltage and give it a go.

Stick a few high flow fans over it too make sure? Just keep an eye on the temps, fsb walls are generally very abrupt. Perfectly stable and one level, then decays over 1-5mhz.
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Old 19-08-07, 11:11 AM
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And remember that you'll need to up the NB and VTT volts a bit
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Old 19-08-07, 01:18 PM
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Hmm ok Thanks
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Old 11-10-07, 12:43 AM
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my cpu has a muti wall lol i can run [email protected] and 9x muti but not 6-7x muti.
CPU=e6600 3763 470x8 1.47vcore

RAM=4x F2-6400PHU1-1GBHZ


VIDEO CARD=evga geforce 8800GT SC
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