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Old 27-05-17, 02:13 PM
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Asus 1080 08G flashing to T4 & warranty


I am a curious if this can be achieved:

I have an Asus 1080 08G OC version and have heard that if flashing to the T4 bios, the power limits can be lifted (further than 120 ?) and achieve clocks greater than 2ghz (lottery dependent).

I have found this bios below:


The bios is for Asus GTX 1080 8 GB, which has lower clocks but uses the T4 bios with power limits lifted & for extreme overclocking.

I presume if I flash to this bios, I can achieve higher clocks on my O8G 1080 ? Or, have the power limits already been lifted on my card ?

Would flashing also void warranty ?

Best regards,


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Old 27-05-17, 03:12 PM
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Yes flashing will void warranty unless you flash it back before returning it. And sometimes you can't do that because the card is dead.

Any risks involved are on you I'm afraid.

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