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Old 28-06-17, 05:04 PM
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Noob in Overclocking

Hi guys,

Well, as the title saids I'm very newbie in this of Overclocking...So I read somethings but I want to be sure if I should OC my build...
So my build is:

Case: XFX Type 01
PS: Xfx PRO 850w Bronze
Mother: ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
CPU Cooler: Hyper Plus 212 Evo
GPU: VGA SAPPHIRE R9 285 DDR5 OC 256B HDMI/DVI-I (11235-06-20G)
RAM: DDR3 1866 MHZ (4G KINGSTON HYPERX SAVAGE CL9 (X4) (16 in total)
Storage 1: Scandisk Ultra II 120GB
Storage 2: Western Digital Wd 1tb Sata 3 64mb Caviar Black

So, with this build...It is worth it to do OC? Will the motherboard deal with the OC?

Many thanks, I will wait for some recomendations

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Old 29-06-17, 03:11 PM
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You say deal, thats a broad term.

You can overclock it yes. Depends on how you go about it though.

A well set up OC will last a lot longer than a rushed auto OC
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Old 29-06-17, 07:02 PM
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crank the FSB, then if you need to do the multi. You should be able to find some useable settings here.


Given you are using an Asus board. Please read that thread carefully though, as one of the overclocks was done using a Crosshair (the red bios screens) and one using an M5A97 (blue and gray).

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Old 29-06-17, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenakuh View Post
CPU Cooler: Hyper Plus 212 Evo
Generally speaking, since it's your first time OC'ing I would approach it very carefully and work up in gentle amounts. Especially given that you're running a 125W CPU on a fairly decent Cooler. It can handle a modest OC but I wouldn't expect anything huge.

Get a good OC established and give it a stress test and keep an eye on the temperatures. Then if you want to try squeezing more, get a better cooler, preferably with a rated TDP of around 200W+.

Other than that, I would recommend reading a guide made specifically for your CPU and motherboard (if there is one) or one based on your CPU's architecture.

Here's one for Vishera/Bulldozer


Finally, one thing to always bear in mind, all CPUs OC differently, so while some people may be able to squeeze about 4.6GHz - 5GHz out of a 8370, yours may misbehave at 4.4GHz
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Old 30-06-17, 11:06 AM
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If you hit a high vcore and you don't want to go higher than that or even going higher doesn't seem to help, step the voltage down a notch and then go to the current capability settings for the cpu and set it to 120%, it helped me when I got stuck with an unstable oc, also if you are using prime95 -it's notorious for it's behaviour with amd chips- make absolutely sure that your cpu isn't going above 50C


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Old 30-06-17, 12:01 PM
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On an Asus AM3 board never go above 1.425v. Especially if you have LLC enabled. You will end up around 1.45, the max I would recommend on a decent cooling set up.

That Overclock.net guide is way out of date. It still has the old type EFI bios. Most of the AM3 boards were able to be updated to the later prettier bios (like the pics pictured in my guide).

4.5ghz on a 8370 should be an absolute cakewalk and take about 5 minutes. It's only when you start going beyond 4.7 that things get hairy and need super careful tweaking.

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