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Old 09-02-15, 09:14 PM
theslayermon theslayermon is offline
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GTX 580 issue

Hello everyone, I have got a problem with my GTX 580 RoG Matrix. I was playing WoW and the display drivers crashed, another guild member had the same thing at the same part of the fight so I assumed it was some weird happening with the game. It came back up and worked again for a bit then it happened again, this time when it started displaying things again windows had no text and every open program was just a black box so I had to reboot. When I rebooted there were glitchy looking lines on the screen (will upload a picture when this laptop wants to behave), these lines were there from before loading windows.

I can get everything looking normal if I output through one of the motherboard display ports and it doesn't show the graphics card in device manager. I have tried DVI and HDMI outputs from the graphics card and both have the same glitchy lines. I have also tried different PCI-E ports on the motherboard which doesn't change a thing. The fans spin on the card and it lights up like usual (I at least think it lights up the usual colours).

If there are any more details I am missing that can help me solve what is going on and hopefully fix the issue then I would be happy to supply them. Thanks for reading this and hopefully we can get it working again.

GTX 580 RoG Matrix
Asus p8z68-V
i7 2600K
Samsung 840 SSD
some other HDDs I can read if needed

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Old 09-02-15, 10:36 PM
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you fried gpu, good news though, you can now use it to fry eggs with. WoW the ultimate PC killer.
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Old 10-02-15, 07:35 AM
Warchild Warchild is offline
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Sounds like its at its EOL.

But try to remove the card, clean out the dust. Reseat the card firmly. That card runs hot, so if theres a build up of dust in the heatsink it might be a little too much for the card.

I'd say to a full clean install of the drivers but if it shows anomolies at bootup then not much point there.
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Old 10-02-15, 08:31 AM
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Could try running a graphics bench to see if stressing it crashes the drivers out. If it does, the card is most likely faulty in some way.
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Old 19-03-15, 04:20 AM
Psybadek Psybadek is offline
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When my 780 started having driver failures it eventually died. I normally play SWTOR and drivers all of sudden started crashing and eventually freezing. Downclocked it and it gave it a little longer life (I also had turn down the graphics to make it playable) eventually it just died and had to RMA it.
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