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Old 26-03-21, 02:16 AM
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@23RO_UK - No need to thank me, likewise!

Ah, so you experience it also?... Interesting. I actually removed this about a year ago when I had my even smaller Dan A4 SFX and the Asetek 645LT (92mm AIO) and I then set my 3700 at 4 GHz @ 1.1V or around there. This way the CPU didn't clock up and down, hence also the voltage were fixed and completely eliminated the ramping up an down of the AIO.

Although as you pointed out, it took a fair amount of time to fiddling around, testing etc etc. And I just gotten to a point in life, hence also why going both smaller and with the thoughts behind the air coolers, where I just simply want to enjoy my rig - and not having to tinker around with it. It used to be something I found interesting etc, getting the best values for my specific system, but you grow up and life gets more and more in the way of things.

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Old 26-03-21, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Very clean build, I totally get your reasoning as I recently did the same move. I got the O11D Mini in january and only about a week ago changed to the much smaller Cooler Master NR200P case. It was just too bulky on my desk.

Since then, I've personally gone with the Noctua NH-U9S Chromax and I have an 3700X. Seeing as you have an 5800X and an Noctua air cooler, does your heatsink also ramp up randomly due to the CPU having spikes of boosting?...

I can hear my fan spin up if loading just 5 Youtube tabs for example, then it quickly slows down again. I've never had this issue with an AIO, which is why I'm strongly considering going AIO again. I went with air cooling as wanted the peace of mind of longevity and foremost reliability that of air coolers - basically only the fan(s) that can break.

This can be solved in the bios by making a custom fancurve for the cpu fans so that it slowly ramps up based on temperature and not load or short spike temps that happen when you load up a program.

I did this to my 3700x on a msi core frozr heatsink with a single fan and it only spins up to audible levels when im gaming for a while.

Nice build to 23RO, i get where you come from having a 011D myself, its bulky and i've been considering a change up to something else, but im still waiting for a case that truely speaks to me, the CM cosmos 700p does because it looks fantastic but its even more huge, oh the first world problems
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Old 26-03-21, 05:10 PM
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@Dark NighT, I totally get where you're coming from when you say “waiting for a case that speaks to me”.

I'd done some research and the Define 7 Compact was initially an outsider in the final cut, the thing that sold it for me was the fact it came with an optional vented roof panel (included in the box); even so, it was only during the actual hands on of the rebuild I was like yeah, I made the right choice.

First world problems indeed lol
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