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Old 25-08-20, 04:21 AM
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Which would you go for?

Heya everyone,

So a question for you all and how all of you personally think and values different from one another.

I want to point out that this shall not be seen as someone is less than the other or one is superior over the other, just based on their own preference in this regard.

My question to you all is this:

Will/would you potentially go for the new 3000 series of graphics card, which model exactly and why? Over/or will/would you go for an higher end older generation, such as the 2080 Ti instead, if it would get a big price reduction due to the new launch?

Reasoning for asking is because I know a lot of people actually purchase the older generation whenever a new generation is released, due to the much cheaper price tag. I can totally see the value in doing this, yet at the same time, you’re buying X amount of years old tech at that point.

Hence my question; what would you personally do in this situation?

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Old 25-08-20, 05:03 AM
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I deffo buy the newer ones in this instance as the rumours are that the raytracing of the newer cards will be MUCH better than the older cards, even AMD's new cards the raytracing is rumoured to be between the current Turing cards and the newer Ampere and with newer game titles starting to leverage this technology with the new consoles also supporting raytracing it means that the console ports will be more demanding also.
So I'd wait for the reviews from both companies and then decide what to do.
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Old 25-08-20, 07:31 AM
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I always focus on value in terms of performance/price. Current card is very old now but still allows me to play all of my games at good fps with nice visuals.
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Old 25-08-20, 08:27 AM
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It all comes down to the price of the 3xxx series which we dont know yet. When the 2080ti came out and we saw the tag, everyone jumped on the 1080ti because of the 2xxx cost.

I utilised this and sold 1080ti cards, for far higher than I would have put it on sale had the 2080ti been about the same as the release price of the 1080ti. If the 3xxx is as high as we see in rumours, then people will jump on the 2080ti which is a fantastic card in itself.

Im undecided yet, since my 2080ti is one of the best on the market today and overclocks higher than some of the reviewers models. Plus, if the design is true, Im not sure ill get a 3xxx if the new water blocks are troublesome to produce.
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Old 25-08-20, 08:59 AM
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In general, if I buy new I always go for the latest if it is in the same ballpark of performance.

Last gen hardware I would get used. It isn't worth buing it new. For example: used 1080Ti for ~60% of the price of new 2080 is a good deal.

But for the 3xxx series cards, and AMD equivalents I think that they will handle RT titles much better than 2xxx. There will be a lot of driver and game optimizations that will mainly be focused on new cards. So in this specific case I would recommend new vs previous gen.
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Old 25-08-20, 01:51 PM
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For me it will depend on the increase in performance and what I can sell my current card for. I'd like to think I won't be buying and will stick with what I have, but I know that probably won't be the case.
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Old 25-08-20, 02:16 PM
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I'm in saving mode now, but i'll go for the best i can get for the money i have and wait until all the cards are out before i decide least the mid to upper range, but being honest leaning very much towards AMD this time around. So maybe by late november I'll have a better idea of whats on offer maybe with a cyberpunk deal main reason i didn't pre order as i'm sure there will be a bundle on that game from one of the companies.

As much as a deal on a 2080ti is an option the raytracing i feel won't be strong enough long term.
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Old 25-08-20, 02:24 PM
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I'd probably go with the newer tech if it fits my budget.
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Old 25-08-20, 02:41 PM
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It depends if I have any spare Moolah when they are released and what the performance difference is. I always go by the 1440p result as thats what screen res I use.

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Old 25-08-20, 03:44 PM
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I don't see 2080Ti dropping in price much. Not at retail level, any way. Maybe used? if people are crazy enough to sell them for half of what they paid sure.

Just remember, the 2080Ti was a slightly shrunken Pascal with tensor cores on. It was never fantastic in the first place. 3000 could be a whole different animal, given it's a proper next gen (Turing wasn't but Ampere wasn't ready).

That said like Maccy I game at 1440p and I am sure that my 2080Ti won't become useless quite yet lol. I reckon I will have it for a few years at least, like my Titan XP.

Devs won't be in a rush to keep making Flight Sim 2020 type games. That was a very brave and bold move by Microsoft, as it is bascally FINALLY a new Crysis, sorta kinda.

You won't see many devs sticking their neck out to make games that NEED a 2080Ti or better, though, as then you discount pretty much every other buyer.

I don't like RT yet on account of things like this.

What I love most about the 20 series is DLSS. Well, DLSS 2.0 because round one was embarassing. 2.0 though is amazing. Adds performance, and even makes the game look better sometimes.

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