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Old 15-08-14, 09:59 PM
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EVGA ACX Opinions

Hello everyone, I recently had a bit of a disagreement about the quality of EVGA's ACX cooler. I was watching a Digital Storm live stream where someone in the comments mentioned EVGA, so told him/her that the cooler was crap. Digital Storm did not agree. In fact they said something like "Its fine to have an opinion but yours is wrong". Obviously, thats not a direct quote, but you guys get the jist of it. I was surprised at their reaction, because I had heard bad thngs about the fans on the ACX failing and such. What are your opinions on the matter, because I want to know if I was actually wrong. Thanks in advance

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Old 15-08-14, 10:10 PM
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I would also like to know as I'm about to get a 760 ACX.

So no fanboy/hater responses please

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Old 15-08-14, 10:12 PM
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From what i have heard, they are not as efficient as they could be for the noise they make.

but maybe i only heard a bad one. I have an EVGA card but im no fan boy just like the warranty coverage for removing the cooler.
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Old 16-08-14, 12:43 AM
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Well from MY experience they're utter crap! I had to RMA 4 780 Ti's because of poor ACX coolers.

They make an audible rumble at low RPM which for me was very annoying as my PC is near silent, they aren't very quiet when they get going and they don't cool any better the reference coolers I have on my Titan Blacks.

From now on I'll always take a reference cooler over an ACX.

I have to admit that maybe I was just very unlucky, but there are many threads and complaints about the ACX dotted around the interent.
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Old 16-08-14, 01:02 AM
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I've had 3 (780 Classifieds) and of them one was awful and i RMA'd it immediately and scan agreed giving me a full refund. The one I replaced it with is absolutely fine. The other original one I had seemed to get worse over time and after about 3 months it started to get a low down rumble which was resolved by setting the idle speed to 35% instead of 40% but that's not really good enough IMO.

Also I've noticed on all 3 to different extents when the fans are spinning down after a heavy session the fin stacks will rattle until the card returns to idle. From what I've read on other forums the rattling fin stacks seems to be an issue with a lot of the classified ACX's as the fins right up above the power connectors are very loose on the end.

And the fans what can is say about those except 3/6 of mine developed a rubbing sound that you would say was a worn bearing within 3 months. There's no way they are going to last in the long run. It's a shame because the cooler looks and feels fantastic and performs really well just the quality of the fan motors/bearings really let it down. I've heard of problems with a lot of graphics cards though and right now I genuinely thing the nVidia reference coolers are the best. Maybe my opinion on the matter is biased but it's hard to think any other way after having spent £900 on a pair of cards that can't even idle nicely.

I can't comment about the longevity of the cooler as I've now got blocks for them. JR
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Old 16-08-14, 07:28 AM
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Thanks guys. I think I've gathered that EVGA cards are a bit hit or miss; definitely not worth risking for the price. I'm glad I was right. For the price there are better coolers out there
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