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Old 12-11-13, 12:48 AM
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Hey Guys!


So I'm Planning On Getting A Power Supply This Week But Need A Little Help If Possible. I'm Looking At The Corsair Power Supply's But I'm A Little Confused On All The Different Series They Have.

AX Series
HX Series
RM Series
CS Series
TX Series
GS Series
CX Series
VS Series

Corsair Do Say In Simple Terms What Is What, But Still A Little Confusing. Now I'm Sure I Will Not Need Something Like 1200WATT Power Supply.

I'm Mainly Going To Be Gaming On This New Build. Graphics Card/Motherboard etc, Is Yet To Be Decided. I Don't Know If That's Going To Be An Issue In Deciding What The Power Supply To Get? I Don't Know.

Im Thinking Anything From 650WATT to 750WATT Will Be More Then Enough?

Any Advice/Help Would Be Great.

I Don't Want To Be Spending A Lot Of Money For One!


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Old 12-11-13, 01:27 AM
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We really can't recommend you anything if we don't know the specs of the system that it's going to be used in.

The main difference is that some series use a different OEM, there's the difference in 80+ ratings and lastly the modularity.

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Old 12-11-13, 02:27 AM
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As said above we need more information before helping you pick out what is best for you.

Let us know the budget and hardware and if anything else is needed(OS, keyboard, monitor,mouse, etc.) Then we can provide you with answers.
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Old 12-11-13, 09:48 AM
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Get an RM
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corsair, help wanted, power supply

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