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Old 11-07-14, 03:39 AM
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GTX 770 2gb SLI worth - or should I wait for 800 series


I'm wondering if it's worth due to the debate about high vram usage of new and future games to upgrade from a single gtx 770 2gb to sli or if it's better to wait for the 800 series and buy one of those cards and later on upgrade to sli.
I'm currently playing on a 1080p 144 benQ monitor.

I've sen different charts and benchmarks of different games like Metro Last Light, crysis 3, watch dogs etc. which states that the fps on cards in the same price range as gtx 770 like the 280x doesn't benefit from that 1gb more vram (in other words more than 2gb vram shouldn't be required since it's not dropping fps). Although I've seen enormous amount of people stating that 2gb of vram isn't enough for 1080p in current and near future games.

So my question is will that 2gb of vram bottleneck a gtx 770 sli? Is it even worth upgrading to a sli? How cost effective is it if I already have one gtx 770? What would you guys recommend?

My build:

Cpu: i7 4790k @ 4,7 mhz (h100i)
Ram: 16 gb of corsair vengence Lp @ 1600 mhz
Gpu: Gigabyte gtx 770 2 gb
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero vii
Psu: corsair rm 1000W

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Old 11-07-14, 07:11 AM
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If you can or are at least sure that you will upgrade when the 800 series arrives, then wait.

if you require the extra performance asap, then consider selling the GTX 770 and buying something like the R9 290 (quite cheap at the moment).
2GB is starting to become insufficient, though you should be able to play pretty much any game at 1080p without running into trouble, so a second GTX 770 could be an option if you have no intention of upgrading to a higher resolution or play games like
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Old 11-07-14, 09:13 AM
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Tbh I wouldn't recommend buying new anything less than a 780/r9 290 if you have the money. Remember that the 770 is essentially a gtx 680 so quite old. You are always better off getting the single best card you can afford because of multicard compatibility in games.
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1080p, bottleneck, gtx 770, sli, vram

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