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Old 03-06-17, 04:35 AM
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I personally don't see how a Define C is a bad air cooling case. You have 3 fan intakes in the front and can have 3 exhaust. I'd say the GPU is the bigger problem on air. And with a founders card, you know it will run hot, so I don't see the point in blaming the case for that.

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Old 03-06-17, 08:56 AM
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Thanks for all of the replies! I currently have two 120mm intakes and three exhausts with the h100 being at the top so as you say there are plenty of spaces for fans it's the same sort of structure as any other case just smaller! I was just reading that the 1080ti has a 250w TDP that's quite a big difference from the gtx 1070 which I have read has a 150w TDP. From reading this I can see that it's quite clear that re building into a bigger case will most likely not solve the issue however if I'm not correct about this please let me know! Also I don't think custom water cooling is something I will be able to do unfortunately as I don't have any experience with this and also there don't seem to be any blocks available for the evga 1080ti sc2 unfortunately.
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Old 03-06-17, 09:39 AM
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Linus lost me in that video the moment he said "physicologist"... wtf?
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Old 03-06-17, 10:41 AM
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Guys please... It is elementary school physics. Your room will heat up exactly the same no matter what case you are using or what cooling that you are using if you keep all your components the same. Heat is coming out of them and going into the room. If you have water cooling that heat will travel faster from the components to the room, and the components will be cooler. You need to find the way to cool your room. If not AC unit, try to put fans and get the air moving out of the room.
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Old 03-06-17, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
OK so what your saying is air or water it makes no difference.. and you'll use slinus to validate it.
Disliking Linus don't change physics

Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
Riddle me this, 26 - 27c ambient room temp and while rendering for 2 hours here are my temps.
But what was the temp in the room when you started, and is there good ventilation?
Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
The air coming from the case is cool, unlike when it was on air.

It all depends of the area the heat is spread over . I have had a 1070 FTW Hybrid, and the air cumming from the 120mm rad was hot.

An @ both Wraith and Milb. The Hz of the monitor doesn't matter. V-Sync or fps cap matters.
If a PC plays a game putting out 120fps the GPU is working lets say 100%, if you have a 60Hz monitor it still runs 120fps with no-vsync. Turning V-sync on tells the GPU to only output 60fps = the load goes down = The heat as well.

I play Project Cars = Full GPU load = hot
I play World of Tanks, its capped at 120fps = not full load = not so hot.

Its not to talk down or anything, just trying to clear things out
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Old 03-06-17, 02:58 PM
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My room has been 26 - 27c for the last week or so even with the windows open so I'd say my loop is performing admirably, this brings me to the fan set up I have 4 SP120s 2 as intakes pulling through the front rad and 2 exhausting through the top rad, all fans are running at 700rpm so quiet as a mouse. If I up the RPM I get worse cooling performance and it sounds like a jet engine, however if I remove the front dust filter with the fans at 700RPM I get lower temps still which leads me to believe that the filter is the issue by restricting the airflow too much. It's a fine balance with the Define C you have to find that happy medium, dust filtration, air flow and noise, I will over the next few weeks be experimenting with different dust filter mediums.

Founders cards expel the majority of their heat directly out the rear of the case, the heat build up within the case is generated from the back plate. AIBs are terribad for heat discipation as they circulate more than they expel.
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Old 03-06-17, 03:24 PM
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Thanks for that! And yes I should of said the problem only occurs when games are uncapped and running close to 144fps! The room is quite small so obviously that makes the issue worse! I will try to think of some ways I could improve the ventilation window always open and a big desk fan perhaps!!
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