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Old 28-05-17, 11:05 PM
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Looking very nice dude very nice indeed

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Old 02-09-17, 05:00 PM
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So after a massive coolant explosion and a total rebuild, I figured I'd update this old thread. The Phanteks case was nice and all, and I got it for a great price, but there just wasn't enough rad space for my liking. A 420 + 360 wasn't nearly enough, and I had to give up all my mechanical storage to use this case for a daily driver. Too many compromises!! So I went back to my original case, a Case Labs M8 cube, with pedestal. You guys who like "neat and tidy" builds won't like this.

Say hello to my little friend, who sure ain't little:

The pedestal can hold quite a bit of crap, in this case a new EK dual D5 pump top and 2 88mm thick 360 Monsta rads (and a powered PWM hub for the PWM GTs on the Monstas):

I also got a modder on a local forum to make me some very nice GPU back plates for my 1080Tis, and made a REALLY crappy floor plate (oh boy did I mess that up):

Tube alignment pleases my OCD:

GPU extensions aren't where I'd like, but I cobbled them together from 12" pre-sleeved / pre-crimped wires, cause I wasn't sleeving that crap myself. It's not the neatest setup, but it'll do for now.

What other case can you create this much mess in?

And even though it seems like everyone on this forum detests any form of bay mounted stuff, you will pry this flow meter (and my fan controller!) from my cold dead hands:

So here's the rad breakdown:

4 x 360 rads: 2 Monsta 360s in the pedestal (push), an XSPC EX360 over the motherboard (pull), and a Darkside LP360 (pull) in the roof of the PSU compartment.

1 Darkside LP240 rad in the front, push / pull. Why you ask? Well I needed some intake fans in the front for air flow, and I had a spare 240 rad laying around, so why not? Plus it gave me something to bolt the Singularity Computers reservoir to, as well as filling a huge space gap in the case.

Fans you ask? 19 in total, broken down like this:

6 Darkside GTs (1850rpm 4pin PWM) in the pedestal, run off a powered PWM hub, controlled by the motherboard.

Each 360 in the roof has 3 3-pin OG Nidec GTs, 2150RPM, I think! The 240 rad has 4 of those too, so that's 10 GTs total. Each bank of rad fans is run off a channel on my 6 x 30W Sunbeam fan controller (got that for $20 used and it's the best $20 I ever spent). One channel per rad.

The remaining 3 fans are Cougars, not sure the specs. Decent fans though, with a nice noise profile. I'm an old guy with tinnitus, so that counts. The 3 Cougars are chassis fans, one in the pedestal front, one on the HDD cage, and one rear exhaust. Those 3 are tied to one channel on the fan controller. This case is filled with 3-1 fan splitter cables.

The fan controller has 4 channels for rads, and the other 2 channels are running white LED strips. I didn't want to drown this rig in colored light, so I have a 12" white strip above the motherboard, and a 6" white strip near the SLI bridge. Those strips each have their own channel on the controller. There's a 12" Darkside RGB LED strip with an Aura converter cable on it running off the motherboard. I light the purple glow on bottom, and it makes the red coolant really pop. Without the purple light, the coolant in the res looks orange, even though it's supposed to be "deep red".

Finally, system specs:

Asus Crosshair VI Hero X370 + Ryzen 1700
2 x 8GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL15 RAM (currently running [email protected])
Intel 600p 1TB NVME SSD
Seagate 3TB x 2 (RAID0)
Seagate 1TB x 2 (RAID0)
2 x Zotac Founders Edition 1080TI

Dual D5 vario pumps + EK XTOP REVO dual D5 top
2 x Alphacool 360 Monsta rad
1 x XSPC EX360 rad
1 x Darkside LP360 rad
1 x Darkside LP240 rad
Singularity Computers Protium reservoir
Watercool HeatKiller IV Ryzen CPU block
Watercool HeatKiller IV 1080Ti GPU blocks / bridge
2 x liquid temp sensors (hot / cold) connected to motherboard
1 Koolance INS17D flow meter with digital 5.25 display

So with all that retarded rad overkill, you might be curious as to how cool it keeps components. Put it this way: with my 1080TIs overclocked to near their limit (2075 core / 6005 mem), I can loop Heaven at 4K for hours, and not touch 38C on either of them. That's with all fans humming along at around 40%, in a very cool basement mind you (ambient of around 20C). Overkill FTW!!!
Guts: Ryzen R7 1700 / Asus CH6 Hero / 16GB G.Skill 3600CL15 / Zotac GTX 1080Ti x2 / EVGA 1000W PSU / Case Labs M8
Storage: Intel 600p 1TB NVME / 6TB RAID0 HDD array / 4TB RAID0 SSD array
Water Cooling: Watercool HeatKiller IV blocks on CPU & GPUs / 4 360 rads + 1 240 rad / Singularity Computers reservoir / dual D5 pumps

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Old 02-09-17, 07:13 PM
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