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Old 06-03-20, 02:19 PM
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Let me know how the Mouse is dice. I kinda like the Chakra. Nice idea with the thumstick but I can't decide if it is useful or merely a gimmick.

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Sadly it wasn't that simple. There are many more dual models than that, including V2 models and all sorts.

I'm pretty sure now that EK are the only ones making blocks for the analogue version. Also note they are 180 or so euro on EK which I didn't want to spend. 125 delivered once I knew which block I needed though was fine. Stings, but I paid more than that for my XP AC block.

I blame Asus for this not EK. I also blame CCL for being murky with the details. End of the day it's sorted.

I know. I just pasted the top of the list. They include literally every GPU in that list. But wasn't going to paste the whole thing here.

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Old 06-03-20, 02:30 PM
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Funny part searching EKs site is a crap shoot. Put your GPU into Google however and it works much better lol. It's not EK's fault tbh dude. Not at all. In fact, I am very glad they have pretty much rescued me because no one else makes a block for this GPU. It's done now (check thread for pics, Time Sync) and yeah, I am happy. My back plate will work too with a little 3m tape. And I really like the back plate Asus supplied too. In fact, I do like the whole card. Deffo one of the best looking stealth GPUs in ages.

Annnnd, this block will fit the 2080 Dual, 2080 Super dual etc. I am keeping the Barrow because it fits blower 2080Ti (Zotac and Dell) as well as stock 2080 FE and 2080Ti FE. Oh and Titan RTX too.

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Old 10-03-20, 12:15 PM
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got here today the box it came in was very nice, but it was battered and ripped

actual hoodie is really nice and can tell it gona be super warm, doubt i be needing it this year since temps have gone up but it real nice

chucked it in the wash (don't get ppl who buy new cloths and don't wash them beforehand)

hand written on with my name on it was a nice touch also the free fan at the bottom of the box woop woop

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Old 10-03-20, 12:54 PM
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Wow well after checking the right in the bottom right hand corner of the box which i nearly just threw out found some extra , how nice of them


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Old 12-03-20, 12:43 PM
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A stack of components for my valve amp project.

HT transformers also arrived yesterday. (took just over a month)
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Old 12-03-20, 01:52 PM
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Nice. I will build a decent one some day. Many years ago I had one of these.

Was incredible. Designed by Audio note who did that NU sound card with EVGA recently. Amazing amp.

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Old 16-03-20, 11:25 PM
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So was my birthday the other day and was lucky enough to be gifted this

Went from this version 2 of the H100 series (launched in 2015)

To the newest H100 series

Gotta say just initial impressions using the same fans across both, Noctua NF-a12x215, my temps at idle are 10C lower with NO spikes going to 60ish when compiling code/other intensive tasks.
In gaming 20-30C lower. Went from about high 60s-mid 70s in say R6S but just a quick match with this new one got me around 40-50C. Fans are barely spinning too.

Quickly tested in my NCASE M1 v6

So I did know my old h100 was getting old. It was getting louder and especially at startup the liquid moving was quite noticeable. It was getting hotter faster and I do truly think without these awesome Noctua's the temps would have been crazy out of control. Plus the copper baseplate was starting to discolor to a darker brown/blackish color for the past probably 18-24 months

So when they say permutation is a thing, they really mean it! Who would have thought fresh liquid drops temps

Only dislike so far is iCUE software. I want to manage my fan rpms through the software but it's pretty barebones. You get 3 preset profiles and 1 custom fixed %. That's it. This is annoying because the 2 fan headers are directly connected to the pump and cannot be removed. This means if you don't use them they are there anyway and requires more cable management. Which is tedious in a small 12L case.

Might just go back to Using my y-splitter and connect my fans to the CPU header directly and control it through my motherboard. More control that way.

edit: just noticed my GPU temps seem to be anywhere from 2-7C lower with this new setup as well. I am assuming less heat soaking on the board and around the socket is helping the GPU out.
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Old 24-03-20, 10:26 AM
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So my second Corsair MM800CE edition crapped itself and since it's out of warranty there's no way in hell Corsair will support it so I threw it away and bought this today instead and I've gotta say it's pretty bloody impressive not so much the RGB which is subtle but the cloth itself is almost like velvet it's unreal and I like it alot!

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Old 24-03-20, 05:44 PM
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It arrived last Wednesday (before the lock down announced last night here in the United Kingdom) - I've not had a chance to post the pics up before now owing to work commitments (my profession has been designated that of a Key Worker).

Direct from Caseking Germany I present...

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Old 24-03-20, 06:05 PM
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Has Caseking supplied Haribos for a while? Jimm's, which was bought by Caseking in 2018, have sent snacks for quite a while. I just wonder who came up with it first

My latest purchase isn't hardware, but:
i7 8700k - 16GB - 2060 FE - 660p 1TB + MX500 2TB - HE-4XX w/ Topping D30+A30
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