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Old 30-05-15, 11:26 PM
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Knew about this ages ago. An ex employee of EA leaked the fact that they were completely redoing the franchise from the ground up with a game like NFSU.

Thought it was BS at the time, I'll be honest, but looking at this?

Well now they just have to pull it off at 60 FPS solid and maybe, just maybe, I'll buy another one. Cause the last two were utterly honking.


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Old 31-05-15, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
If Forza can do it I can't see why NFS can't. Considering they said 'authentic urban car culture' I'd imagine they aren't gonna do trucks though which is sort of a shame, as I'd love a 1000hp Raptor.
Forza? All their cars sound the same lol I've played Forza 5 and Horizon's 2.. can't tell much of any differences Also Urban Car Culture to US people includes trucks. Literally almost every family has at least one truck. It's just our culture, if they wanted it authentic then they would need to have that. Otherwise it's just another game with fancy cars.
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