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Old 16-06-20, 01:59 AM
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NVME Boot on Z77

Hi All, not sure if people will care as this is fairly old news and has been covered before.
But thought i would chronicle my experience here so other people with similar hardware can know it works.

I recently modded the BIOS of an asus maximus gene V to support booting from pcie NVME drives. The base version i modded was 1903 which is the latest available from asus for that board.

I did not pioneer this and just used already available information, but i can confirm it works.

The board does not come with any m.2 ports so i had to use an adapter card. And to get it to work i had to disable CSM in the BIOS.

The adapter card was a SilverStone ECM25
And the drive was an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB

This is now the only drive installed in the system with no other workarounds needed.

EDIT: I just realised i posted this in the wrong section, can it please be moved

delided 3570k (watercooled)
hd7970 (watercooled)
8GB Gskill XM
3*140 SR1 Rad
all stuffed in an FD arc midi
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