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[COMPLETE] ZEUS (Fractal R4 | blue/black | internal UT60 Rad) - by alpenwasser

Table of Contents
  1. 2013-APR-24: Drilling: The Insane Alternative to Dremelling (Starting the New Back Panel)
  2. 2013-APR-29: Back Panel - First Test Fit
  3. 2013-MAY-06: The PSU Mount
  4. 2013-MAY-20: PSU Sleeving/Modding & HDD Tower
  5. 2013-MAY-21: PSU Sleeving - Continued
  6. 2013-MAY-22: Making a Custom Fan Controller
  7. 2013-MAY-29: Fan Controller & PSU Finished
  8. 2013-MAY-29: Back Panel Progress
  9. 2013-MAY-30: Reservoir Modding
  10. 2013-JUN-23: Complete! (For Now)


For those few who have actually read the entire introductory novella for HELIOS, don't worry,
this won't be nearly as long .

The purpose of this rig will be to serve as our new server/HTPC and possibly do some BOINC
computing. It will be placed in our living room in a sideboard, which is why it's not in a bigger

The Name

Zwieback Exceeding Useful Specifications.

Because: Why not? Zwieback is a hilarious word, and in English doubly so
(I don't know why I think that, I just do.)

Main PC Guts
  • M/B: MSI Z77A-GD65
  • CPU: Intel i7 2600k
  • RAM: TBD
  • GPU: Onboard
  • SSD: Intel 335 60 GB
  • HDD's: 4 x WD RE4 2 TB
  • HDD's: 3 x WD Red 3 TB
  • PSU: BeQuiet 550 W
  • Case: Fractal Design R4 w/ window side panel

One thing missing here is a dedicated audio card. I will be running the optical SPDIF
from the M/B to a Denon AVR-4308. The rig will mainly be used for watching movies,
so it does not require the best of the best with regards to audio. If sound quality does
indeed prove to be lacking (my dad is quite the audiophile, so he will surely inform me
of that), I can always add it later, using a flexible PCI-E riser card (see below for why
that would be necessary).

W/C Parts
  • CPU Block: EK Supreme HF Acetal/Copper
  • Pump: Aquacomputer Aquastream Standard
  • Res: Aquacomputer Aquainlet blue anodized
  • Rad Fans: 3 x SP120 quiet
  • Radiator: Alphacool NexXxos UT60 360 mm


The R4 is quite a roomy case and would have ample room for an internal 360 radiator in
60 mm thickness with some minor modifications to the front. However, since seven
HDD's take up quite a bit of room, that's not an option.

Therefore, I will be replacing the entire back side of the case with a custom panel
modded to fit the radiator (next to the back I/O panel). Since I won't need any add-on
cards, besides possibly an audio card (see above), this should work nicely.


As with HELIOS, I will be hosting the pics on my server, hyperlinking each picture
in my posts to its full resolution version.

To get a custom resolution, for whichever reason, use:

Where w000 and h000 are the desired width and height in pixels (you do need
the preceeding "h" and/or "w" though). It's sufficient to use one of the two. If
you use both, the image will be resized proportionally and the pixel values given
will be treated as maxima.
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360 radiator, black and blue, fractal design r4, modding

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